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Smashing success for the first stop on the 2019 Run and Gun Tour- Rogers Sporting Goods, Liberty, MO

What a kick off to first stop on the 2019 Run and Gun Tour! Great weather, tons of consumers and of course great food! The day started off with some friendly games of corn hole, ya right, lots of hooting and hollering and a carrying on! The infamous decoy toss made an appearance with decoys being lobbed into Yeti Tanks for prizes (hats and stickers). Lots of over throws and misses ( I would like to share the blind with some of those guys), with decoys landing at our feet while preparing the first course from the BBQ Pit, Pork Belly Burnt Ends! Recipe below.

Finger lickin, lip smacking goodnesses!

Pork Belly Burnt End Ingredients

Skinless Pork Belly, cubbed

Favorite Rub coating each cube

Favorite BBQ sauce

Wire Rack

Aluminum Steam Pans

Cherry Dr. Pepper

Get your smoker up to a temp of 250 or so throw a couple chunks of wood in the fire box (I prefer pecan)

Cut belly into 1" cubes

Liberally coat all sides with rub

Place cubes on wire rack, fat side down and insert into smoker. I normally cook for 2hrs, spraying with Cherry DP every 30 min or so. I'm looking for an internal temp of 190 degrees or better. This should take about 2 hrs. This will make them very tender and succulent.

Once desired temp is hit remove from smoker and put into aluminum steam pan and toss in your favorite BBQ sauce and return to smoker to cook until sauce has caramelized and is sticky(about 1 hr). Remove from smoker and let cool for 10-15 mins and serve!

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